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If You Won 85 Million Naira Like Laycon What Will You Do With It


Sept. 28, 2020

There has been many speculations online about how this young man would handle this money, the kind of investment he would make, and how he would manage this fame he has been exposed to, having been a rapper many fans of his are speculating he will use it to sponsor his musical career.
Let's Assume you had the same opportunity as Laycon what will you do with the 85 Million Naira, what kind of investment would you make with it, that would yield profit.
Before you answer this question, Note that this is a chance of a life time, 85 million Naira is not a small money, one might not come across this opportunity again
There are many ways to become successful in life, would you go into buying and selling, real estate, sponsor your career, or play football bet with it.
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