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Sarkodie needs to sign this underground artist _Sarkson


Sept. 28, 2020

Some funs of Sarkodie in Kumasi base are calling Sarkodie to sign contract with this underground artist Sarkson to join the Sarkcess Music record Label .
I went ahead to ask why they think the underground artist Sarkson should be sign to join Sarkcess Music record label.
From the view of Sarkodie funs the guy know as Sarkson who is the underground artist is actually talented like Strongman . They went ahead to say that, when it comes to critical aspect the underground artist Sarkon can be compared to Strongman and if given support in the Music Industry, he can do better than other rappers like Strongman.
This has raised disagreement between some funs of Strongman in Kumasi. Why this disagreement?
To commenced with, you know todays guys like arguing when it comes to best musicians aspect. What started all these arguments is, one guy stated that the underground artist Sarkson has no hit song . Therefore it is obvious that the underground artist know as Sarkson can't be compared to Strongman.
This made a fun of Sarkodie dropped one of Sarkson's hot songs entitled People no dey fear Heaven on board. After few minutes of listening to the first 1min of the song, everyone was amazed and shouting out loudly the underground artist Sarkson deserves to be signed by Sarkodie to join his Sarkcess Music record label.
I didn't believed Sarkson was soo talented. This pushed me to find out more information about the guy. After my research, I found out that Sarkson is was naturally blessed with the talent. What made me go mad over this guy was his tune.
It sounds like Sarkodie p3p33p3. That's fantastic skill of him. By approaching Sarkson to know more about him, I realized the guy is not only blessed a rapper, he also sings. My research brought my attention to the number of tracks he had so far.
Sarkson stated he has 5 solid record tracks, 1 being master, 4 being demo. He continued to say that he has 8 more to record and 1 album to release which contains 9 tracks. Unfortunately Sarkson is not on any record label but wishing to join Sarkcess Music record label.
To conclude
Some funs of Sarkodie appeal to him to make contract with the underground artist Sarkson. Drop a comment to support if interested. Thanks for reading.
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