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Schools Not Reopening In October After Uhuru Given This Advice!

Tinah KE

Sept. 28, 2020

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus disease, learning across the country was brought to a halt as a way of mitigation of the spread of this deadly pandemic. 
This move affected students and teachers alike and some of the critical areas to be closed so as to prevent more spread of the coronavirus.
Education is among the most affected sector where students were forced to stay at home, but is now great news as covid-19 curve continues to flattens across the country, giving hope to everyone more so to our children.
Outspoken political analyst Edward Kisiangani shared his mind to the Head of State to consider reopening of Schools next year, January 2021.
The political analyst poked holes the efforts of the Senate Education Committee tasked to help the President decide on when schools will be reopened.
According to the political figure, Uhuru should not rush to have schools reopened next month as asked by the task force.
As a result of ensuring that learning resumes as soon as possible, President Uhuru has made a decision to today chair a Cabinet Committee which will discuss the proposed schools reopening programme as the Ministry of Education had presented the proposal to Cabinet Office before the meeting this morning.
While many Kenyans have been hoping that it will be the KCPE and KCSE candidates who will be given the first priority when schools reopen, other students in form three, class seven and grade three students were also being considered to go back.
Although Some other Kenyans also felt that there no adequate preparations as the schools had a lot of short comings even before the pandemic hit the nation. 
Despite the government announcing it will buy new special desk for public primary schools and secondary schools, most Kenyans cited that the schools are in direr need of classrooms than the desks. 
They also stated the social amenities such as toilets aren't enough in the public schools.
Meanwhile, the Education Ministry was contemplating for schools to reopen between 5th October and 19th October, it has all been left to the president to decide. The president is expected to hold a press conference where he is going to put things straight.
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