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GO NZ: Westside actor David de Lautour's life in Travel

ivy ngina

Sept. 29, 2020

Westside star David de Lautour's favourite memories of travels around Aotearoa
What are your favourite memories from childhood family holidays in NZ?
Definitely Taupō. My family has always had strong ties there. Mum used to go there as a kid too. Mum and Dad have moved there full time now but growing up we had a cool little bach and I'd look forward to getting down there every school holidays.
Where is your favourite off the beaten track/secret spot in NZ to get away from it all?
I love getting over to Waiheke. I proposed to my wife over there so it will always be a pretty special place for us. Finding a tucked away little cabin or bach over there for a few days is such a great way to slow the pace down. Beaches, wineries, scooters – you feel a world away from Auckland.
If you were heading on a family getaway now, where would you go?
I'm a big fan of the Far North. I'm really keen to explore some more of the DoC campgrounds up there. Having lived abroad for so many years, I really appreciate the scenery and accessibility we have in our own backyard – so beautiful and so peaceful.
What's your dream NZ roadtrip?
Anywhere with my wife. She loves a road trip. As long as she's in the car, I'm good heading anywhere. Got to have snacks and a good playlist or podcast and we're golden. I've never been to Raglan and have always wanted to go. That's a pretty easy distance from Auckland (we need to think about these things now with a baby) so maybe start there.
And if you could choose one ultimate, luxury, dream holiday in NZ, where would you go?
Probably Queenstown or Wānaka. There is such incredible accommodation – not to mention the scenery – so if we were splashing out, I'd be pretty keen to find a spot down there. There are also some epic golf courses that I'd love to bash my way around for a few hours.
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