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11 Sexy Ways To Make Him Go Down On You Without A Push

Aba Brew

Oct. 01, 2020

If you want to make him go down on you, firstly all you need to do is tell him. He really can’t forget a special permission like that.
Take it easy and just follow these steps to ease his face down your base.
#1 Hygiene, hygiene, hygiene. There really is no bigger reason for a guy to avoid your lady parts. The first impression is a lasting impression for your man when he brings his face down there. If it doesn’t smell right the first few times, you’ll have a hard time getting him to go down on you without using a leash.
Always remember to keep your privates clean and hygienic. It’s a first step that almost always solves your dilemma.
#2 Don’t make him drown down there. You may be having fun when he goes down, but that’s no excuse to firmly stuff his face down with your hands and suffocate him in the heat of the moment. And don’t keep nudging him downwards every time you make love.
When you force him, he’ll think of it as a chore and not something pleasurable and may even start dreading it.
#3 Trim the bushes. Or raze the forest. Remember, the cleaner you keep it, the easier it is to manage your hygiene. It also makes it easy for him to find it when the lights get turned down. Unless your man likes a lot of hair down there, keep the hair to a bare minimum. He’ll love spending time with his face against your smooth, moist skin.
#4 Keep it fragrant.  Use fragrant body oils or use a flavored lube when you get into bed. Don’t use it all over your body, just use it where you want his attention. He’ll definitely work his tongue when you smell like cherry blossom or even a budding lily down there!
#5 Wear enticing lingerie. Avoid granny panties. However good looking your vajajay may be, everything needs presentation. You like your gifts wrapped and ribboned, so does he. Look good in bed and give him a chance to play with your silk lingerie before he takes it all off for you. Entice him to kiss you all over and make him take his time to get your naked.
#6 Watch p0rn together. Now all p0rn isn’t good. Pick a movie where the two actors are focused more on passion and arousal than just mindless banging. Watch the movie together in bed and play along with the same moves. And yes, that does mean you have to spend a considerable time blowing his whistle before he eats you out.
#7 Let him see your satisfaction. When he goes near your vajajay, gasp and moan softly like you’re experiencing a lot of pleasure even if he’s doing nothing to it and just playing with your navel. Raise your pelvis to let him know that there’s a sweeter, fragrant spot just below that would bring you more pleasure.
#8 Be coy and shy. When he goes down there after a hiatus, be coy and demure about it. Don’t get overexcited and stuff his head in or spread your legs wide and start acting like a horny tramp. Play it easy and let him know that you’re enjoying it.
#9 Restrict him. Restrict him from that zone now and then and he’ll like it more. If something’s restricted from a guy, he’ll want it a lot more. But unless you know he’s starting to enjoy going down on you, don’t restrict him just yet.
#10 Don’t be selfish. This is basic etiquette. If you want him to go down on you, you need to go down on him and give him a good time. If he isn’t taking a lead, you can go down first and wait for him to thank you back by lying on your back and allowing his tongue to wander all over you.
#11 Have great s3x after he gives you an oral. By doing this, as thick as your guy may be, he’ll realize that going down on you will lead to better s3x and better orgasms. And guys always have a huge ego when it comes to pleasing a woman in bed. If he finds a way to pleasure you more and give you a better orgasm, he’ll definitely do it just to feel good about his own sexual prowess.
Make these tips a part of your routine. Your man will love you for it, and you most definitely will too!
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