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8 S3xy Reasons Why Women M0an In Bed

Maame Enuwah

Oct. 01, 2020

Have you ever wondered why your woman m0ans and gr0ans so much in bed? Is it just because you’re that good, or are there other reasons? Find out here:
#1 Because it feels good
This one should be a no-brainer. Women make such noises while getting jiggy between the sheets because it feels good! It’s pretty much an involuntary response to great-feeling s3x.
#2 To give you a little confidence
Don’t hate us! In no way does this mean we’re faking anything. This simply means that we’re looking to give you a little boost to make you feel better so you can feel good about your performance.
#3 To steer you in the right direction
This is way easier than simply telling you that what you’re doing s*cks. But if we’re increasingly making loud, ecstatic noises, then you’re heading in the right direction.
#4 For our own pleasure
M0aning makes us feel good! It’s true. Physically m0aning, for a woman, can increase the feeling of pleasure. In a way, it sort of tricks our minds into feeling like there’s more pleasure than there really is.
#5 To fulfill a fantasy
Whether it’s for you or us, there is a fantasy that involves screaming our brains out from how insanely amazing the s3x is, and we all want to fulfill it!
#6 To feel free
When a woman m0ans and writhes in bed, she is letting herself go and enjoying the moment. Nothing can make a gal feel freer than just letting the noises naturally escape her lips.
#7 Stress relief
Just as we feel more liberated, we also feel more relaxed. S3x is a stress reliever in and of itself. You add some intense m0aning and shouting, and that’s a recipe for extreme relaxation.
#8 We can’t help it! 
It’s instinctual M0aning when having s3x just happens and we can’t help it at all! I mean, we can definitely control it if we need to.  
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