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Astonishing Design of Churches That Will Totally Amuse You (Photos)

Stanley i

Oct. 23, 2020

A building where Christians congregate to worship is called a church. Sometimes the word church is used to refer to the congregation that has come together to worship. Unfortunately in recent times, there is a rise of churches that to not follow the norm of the old churches. These recent churches are characterised with suggestive design, performing fake miracles and pastors interpreting that Bible top suit their personal gain.
A church by the name Church of Luminant has shocked the world with its funny and suggestive church designs. The building of this church are sexual suggestive. Despite this, the church has recorded the highest number of believers in the world in recent times. What makes this church to have many followers is its believe in peace, helping the poor and respect for each other.
Due to its tremendous growth, the church has opened branches in Canada, US, UK, South Africa, Rwanda, India, Kenya among other countries. Its origin is US. See the astonishing Designs of churches Church Of Luminant is building that will shock you.
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