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Deep Penetration: 6 Naughty Ways It Can Push You Over The Edge

Aba Brew

Oct. 23, 2020

When it comes to s3x, deep penetration is the best way to go. Here’s how going deep can really push you over the edge and give you the most pleasure.
#1 Build up to it. You really can’t just go into deep penetration right away. The reason for this is because it’ll hurt the woman. Her cervix is very sensitive and if you start hammering away at it right away, it’ll be painful.
You need to build up to deep penetration. And that means foreplay is not something you can skip.
#2 Go slowly. In addition to building up to it, you need to move slowly. If you really want to make sure it’s pleasurable, the g-spot and cervix need to be warmed up. And that means using slow motions that’ll allow for gentle stimulation.
So ease your way into it. Then pause once it’s in at the deepest, most comfortable spot before coming out of it and doing it all again. This will stimulate those pleasure zones just right.
#3 Wiggle around while he’s deep. Ladies, this one is essential if you want to make the most of deep penetration. Once he’s in really deep, make him hold it there. Then wiggle your hips and move them around.
This makes him hit all the good spots and stimulates you even more. If you do this every now and then when he’s in deep, you’ll find that your g-spot and even your cervix will feel extremely pleased.
#4 Change up the speed. Don’t just stick with one speed. While deep penetration does feel great really fast, if you slow it down you can appreciate other sensations. So, make sure you’re not just doing one type of deep penetration. Change it up once it’s deep and feeling great in order to make the most of it.
#5 Alternate between deep and shallow penetration. This may sound counter-productive, but hear me out. When you get really deep penetration and then it’s taken away, you crave it. It increases the anticipation and your body is just waiting to feel it really deep again.
It’s like the best tease of your life. So when he’s going very deep, have him ease off but not tell you when he’ll go deep again. Switching up the depth like this will only make it feel better.
#6 The cervix actually has many pleasure receptors. This is how you can have a cervix orgasm. Having an orgasm this way is actually very rare and that’s because most women don’t know they can do it this way.
Obviously, deep penetration is needed to hit the cervix in the first place. And if you hit it too soon or too hard, it’ll be painful. That’s why you have to ease into this deep of penetration. The cervix has to be relaxed and able to receive pleasure. But once you have it, it’ll feel like a whole body orgasm.
#7 It fosters a feeling of emotional closeness. And this is something that can actually make the both of you even more turned on. When the penetration is particularly deep, you’re connected with someone much deeper than you are otherwise. It makes you feel closer to them emotionally. And that emotional connection can help women – and even men – reach a much more intense orgasm.
If you’re not familiar with deep penetration, that needs to change. Once you know how to do it right, it can completely change the way you have s3x.
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