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Balambala residents face drought and hunger after boreholes dry up


Oct. 29, 2020

In Summary
• Private water truckers have refused to supply the commodity due to non-payment of past deliveries by the county government. • They pay up to Sh30,000 for one truck whose water can only last two days.
UNENDING SUFFERING: A Dujis resident and his donkeys head to a river,20 kilometres away. Image: STEPHEN ASTARIKO
Balambala residents in Garissa are faced with drought and hunger after the drying up of boreholes in the constituency. They are bitter with the county leadership for "doing little" about their suffering. They walk long distances in search of water after private water truckers refused to supply them with the commodity due to non-payment of deliveries by the county government in the past. MCA Aden Abeile said in Dujis that all the boreholes are not functioning and the few water dams and earth pans have dried up. Abeile said the water truckers hired by the county government during the previous drought were never paid and have refused to supply unless they are paid. Dujis resident Musa Abdi said they have in the last three months been hiring private vehicles to supply them with water for domestic use and for their animals at exorbitant rates. “We are using a lot of time and resources in search of this precious commodity. We are paying up to Sh30,000 for one truck whose water can only last two days,” Abdi said.
DROUGHT Residents scrambling for water in Dujis, Balambala constituency as drought situation continue to worsen in the area. Image: STEPHEN ASTARIKO
He asked the national government to intervene and truck water to the worst-hit areas. Sahan Ali regretted that drought has started killing their livestock, their economic mainstay. “We are staring at a very bad situation if help does not come our way soon. Apart from the lack of water, we are also faced with food shortage. Most families cannot afford the little that trickles in,” he said. The Meteorological Department forecast for October-December says Northeastern counties will receive below-average rainfall. Already, the National Drought and Management Authority has issued an alert over the poor condition of livestock and the reduction in milk production. - mwaniki fm
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