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Did undercover NIS agents secretly raid DP Ruto’s Sugoi home in February?

Onche Joshua

Oct. 29, 2020

It is being whispered that back in February undercover NIS agents quietly raided Ruto’s homes in Sugoi, after getting information from the government officers attached to the DP as VIP. The raid, which has highly covert and classified resulted to millions of cash in foreign currency stacked in bags being nabbed.
”The raid nabbed billions of cash in foreign currency. DP had looted so much from the government and kickbacks for government tenders that he could not bank without suspicion. The claims of money being stacked in sacks in Sugoi is not just a mere empty talk,” a source confided to the Kenyan Report.
The covert investigation was commissioned March last year after the state noticed Ruto never withdraws any amount from his accounts despite giving out over 10M weekly.
The raid, our source adds, was so secretive and classified such that no media got wind of it and those did were not to publish anything about it.
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