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Is Frankie (Justgymit) Kiarie a great dad or a great con-man?


Oct. 29, 2020

Frankie (Justgymit) Kiarie’s name has become more famous this year. The hunky and muscly gym instructor has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons.
His beef with his baby mama and ex, Maureen Waititu has spilled over and has become a full-blown war. The most recent escalation happened this past week when Frankie claimed that he had been denied access to his kids.
The utterance was met with a full-court press by his ex, Maureen, who called him out saying that it was all a lie, making many question whether Frankie was actually a good father or a conman lying to Kenyans.
Over the last few months, Maureen has made statements that call into account Frankie qualities as a father. Just last weekend, Maureen said that Frankie didn’t even know where his children live and has not bothered to find out.
“Sadly, he had to use a platform to wish my son a happy birthday and dragged my name into it, only for me to be trolled and attacked,” she said.
Maureen said that since August 10, the father of her kids threw her out of the home she was living with the kids. “When he was leaving home, I requested him to buy a small phone for his son Lexxie so they would be able to communicate,” she said, adding that he did not do so.
Maureen further said she made things easier and allowed that he could call the nanny and check out on the kids’ welfare if at all he did not want to communicate to them through Maureen.  “Ask him the last time he bought clothes or even toys for the kids,” Maureen added shading the father of her two kids.
And that wasn’t the first case of her calling out Frankie’s qualities as a father. Earlier this year in an interview with Kiss100, Maureen said that she considers herself a single mother.
“I raise two boys and it has been the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me. I love them to death, they are my life, they give me strength and hope. All I can say it has been bliss and amazing,” said the YouTuber.
When asked the input that Frankie has in the lives of his sons, she said that he tries to be there for the kids but considers herself a single parent. “I am a single parent. The father tries to be there for his kids,” she said.
Those two incidents are a clear indication of what Maureen thinks of Frankie as a father to her kids. But is she right that Frankie has been pulling our leg about his involvement in his sons’ upbringing?
I think that her claims can be disproven.
How? First off, Frankie came with receipts after Maureen said that she felt like she was a single mother. He rubbished the claims that he was a deadbeat dad claiming he sends Ksh 6000 to Maureen Waititu every week for his children’s upkeep.
“Each week I send money for my children’s upkeep. I send Ksh 6000 and I spend like Ksh 2500. I pay Ksh 150,000 for my son’s school fees per semester at Montessori. My mum helps me with a percentage of that,” Frankie said.
Further adding,
“My children have always had two nannies until recently and I was paying for both of them. My baby mama and I had an agreement on how we were going to be splitting nannies salary. I pay a specific amount and then she tops up and that’s what we have been doing for the past year.”
Please note that Maureen didn’t refute any of the claims above.
He also added that his mum had provided Maureen and his children a house in Westlands before they broke up (A house she lived in until the bad blood between the two flared up a few months ago).
That was not all, Frankie released screenshots showing how a bitter Maureen dissed Frankie’s current girlfriend Corazon Kwamboka, claiming that Frankie embarrassed her by having a child with another woman just immediately after a breakup. Maureen also warned him that he wouldn’t see his kids as a result of this.
Lastly, Corazon, Frankie’s new baby mama came out to boldly deny any claims that Frankie is a bad father. In a previous social media post she had written, “To the baby’s father; I couldn’t have chosen a better person to do this with. I see the good in you, and how you raise your own and I know my child will be loved ETERNALLY,” she hoped.
Truth is that I can go on about Maureen’s claim but you get my point. I believe Maureen is hurting at the moment and will say anything to deal with the cause of her hurt-Frankie in this case. As they say, “Hurt people hurt people”.
But I could be wrong.
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