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President Uhuru Commissions New Elite Police Squad [PHOTOS]


Oct. 29, 2020

President Uhuru Kenyatta, on Thursday, October 29, presided over the graduation ceremony of paramilitary officers who attended a three-month Kenya Police Tactical Operation Course at the National Police Service, Magadi Field Training Campus.
According to communication from State House, the graduating officers will be incorporated in the newly formed Quick Response Unit and deployed as General Duty Officers in crime-infested areas of the country to spearhead the fight against organised crime including terrorism .
He said that the team's capacity would be upgraded so as not to be dependent on GSU and Military in their operations.
“As a government, we will ensure you are well equipped and able to stand firm without asking for help from the GSU or military, but are able to undertake your duties effectively protecting your nation as general duty officers posted in various stations," he stated.
At the same time, the President reiterated the government's commitment to continue equipping the police with appropriate training, resources and weaponry to enable them to defeat enemy forces.
While commending the officers for their bravery and determination that saw them complete the tough training, President Kenyatta reminded the policemen to remain true to their calling by maintaining high standards of discipline, professionalism and integrity.
"Continue to maintain discipline and bravery as you ensure you utilize the skills you have learnt to protect our citizens and the interests of the country. Don’t be involved in criminal activities. Don’t violate the rights of your fellow citizens whom you are supposed to protect.
"Protect our country and deal firmly with the enemy but live at peace with fellow citizens because if they have confidence that you are there to protect them that in itself will give them the confidence to also share the intelligence you require to root out the enemy," the President instructed the officers.
He said internal peace and security are the foundation for the nation's prosperity noting that the vibrant democracy enjoyed by Kenyans has been as a result of the sense of security, which the country continues to experience.
“The fundamental reason for the establishment and existence of the state is the provision of security. I cannot over-emphasize that none of the fundamental rights that underpin our vibrant democracy could be enjoyed by Kenyans without security," President Kenyatta said.
The Head of State reiterated the Government's commitment to continue with the modernisation of the National Police Service (NPS).
“While our fiscal situation has been tight, we, as a Government, have prioritized the modernization of the Security Sector in terms of equipment and infrastructure.
“Equally important, we have taken steps to improve the terms of service, through the provision of benefits such as comprehensive medical insurance cover and group life insurance,” the President said.
Speaking to residents of Oldonyinyokie who showed up to bid him farewell, the President announced Government plans to provide water to the village.
He thanked area residents for hosting the paramilitary facility and promised affirmative action to ensure that deserving youth from the area get employment opportunities at the camp.
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