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Revenge P*Rn: Jealous Lover Leaks Ex-Girlfriend's Nudes (Photos)


Nov. 23, 2020

A man who is a sailor has been threatening his 18-year-old ex-girlfriend to release her nude pictures on social media after the said lady refused to sleep with him. The man allegedly planned to have s3x with his ex-girlfriend and wanted a way to get the lady to agree so he blackmailed her with her nude pictures.
However, Journalist, Gimba Kakanda, has called out the Nigerian sailor, Mohammed Nafiu, pictured above, for allegedly threatening to release the nudes of the 18-year-old girl after she refused to continue having s3x with him. In a Twitter thread, Gimba shared screenshots of Nafiu's alleged chats with the eighteen-year-old girl in which he threatened to release her nudes if she doesn't come chill with him in any hotel of her choice.
According to Gimba, Nafiu and the young lady started dating when she was underage but broke up recently, yet he still wanted to continue having s3x with her. On Sunday, November 22, Nafiu reportedly reached out to her, asking that they meet in a hotel. When she refused, he allegedly threatened to release her nude photos. 
Gimba vowed to ensure that Nafiu who is currently a student of The Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport in Egypt, ''pays for his actions.''
See his tweets below:
He wanted her to meet her at a hotel but the lady refused and wanted him to delete all her nudes from his phone. 
He also doesn't want to delete the pictures and still insist on sleeping with her.
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