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Kumbe Ni Msexy! Meet Lorna The Nosy Mboch On Maria (Photos)

YvonneNgugi KE

Nov. 27, 2020

Tina Njambi Wamwati is an outstanding actress judging from how she evokes emotion from her fans when playing the role of Lona - a nosy househelp in epic Citizen TV's drama series Maria. 
In the popular series, Wamwati's character Lona captures the attention of audiences with harsh responses and the fact that she just can't mind her business. 
In a previous interview, she detailed how fans react to her role, what her real life was like, and how she landed the opportunity to grace one of the best drama series in Kenya. 
She is loved and hated in equal measure for her love of udaku and her snooping
On-screen she is a mother of one and is always on edge and super moody. Lorna also has a nose for gossip but in real life, she is totally different. We have always seen her rocking her work uniform but outside work, she is a whole snack.
Lorna is a character who is portrayed to be a lady who is into everyone’s business. We saw at first that she used to support Sofia but when things got bad, she shifted to Marias side. She is also informed of everything that goes on in the Hausa fraternity even that no one knows.
We even see Sonia has decided to collaborate with her so that she informs her everything because Sonia knows she got first-hand information of everything. This is a deal so that Lorna can go on to stay in that household.
We saw in the previous episodes that Victor chased away his family and took over the ownership of the house and company. Now Lorna in order to keep her job has to stick to Sonia’s commands.
However, in real life, Lorna is a humble lady who likes minding her business not as like the character dictates.
She is God-fearing and has a love for fashion. Lorna currently turned 41 years of age but actually you’ll think she is far younger.
She was once asked if she was dating and this is what she had to say
Kwa ground vitu ni different. The 'Maria' on TV is not the Yasmin I know. I am so devoted to Islam and I do not have a boyfriend. It is not a priority for me at this time.
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