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List of Kenyan Celebrities Who Died at the Peak of Their Career

Nyawira KE

Nov. 27, 2020

For a span of the last 5 years, Kenyans have been robbed of very young celebs by the cruel hand of death. These celebs were robbed at a time when Kenyans needed them most out for the talents and skills.
But as fate will have it, they are no more. The best way we can recognize their efforts is by remembering them and continuing their spirit and motion
Below we feature such celebs who died before the age of 40 years
1.S.K Macharia’s son
John Macharia, son of Royal Media Services owner SK. Macharia lost his life at Karen Hospital in Nairobi following a tragic accident on the morning 27th April 2018.
The accident occurred along the Southern Bypass.
In 2016, he was involved in another serious accident when her ran into a stationery Toyota car with his 30 million worth Porsche.
2.Janet Kanini Ikua
She died after a painful battle with lung cancer some weeks ago, the news of her death cut through Kenya’s heart like a hot knife in the butter. Her fight with cancer inspired many and gave hope to other who were still affected by the cancer killer dragon
Emmanuel Makori Nyambane better known on state as Ayeiya Poa Poa failed to survive  after a grisly accident along Langata Road in Nairobi April 2017
4.Catherine Namuye
The former Youth Fund CEO was found dead at her house in Kileleshwa Nairobi on 10th October , 2017, medics claim that she might have had a heart attack.
Namuye was severally linked and arraigned in court following loss of over 180 million shillings at her office under the Ministry of Youth and gender affairs .
She was also linked to NYS scandal
5.Aswani Omfwoko
Before his death, he was a director at Machachari, Tahidi High, Mashtaka, Nairobi Law and Makutano Junction, shows aired on Citizen TV and Antie Boss, a show on NTV.
His demise came as untimely death to the film industry.
6.Mike Okombe
Mike Okombe, rugby star met his death on a short painful ground after he was stabbed dead by allegedly a woman said to be his girlfriend.
Okombe is said to have attended a birthday party in Nakuru organized by his girlfriends’ sister for an 8 year old child.
Witness accounts that the deceased was embroiled in a scuffle with the 32 year old woman who later stabbed him twice.
He was not rushed to the hospital immediately, but when he arrived at Valley Hospital he was pronounced dead.
The woman surrendered to the police on Monday while in company of her lawyer after she went missing.
Efforts by police to carry their investigation remain futile after the object on the scene and blood was cleared.
She succumbed to meningitis complications after a short illness.
She was hugely recalled with her role in Citizen TV show Mashtaka.
9.Derick Amunga
Better known as Master Sugu in his big role on TV drama series of 1990s dubbed ‘Tausi’, he was found dead after going missing for three days.
In the film series, he played as a head gang of Nairobi’s street urchins
10.Beth Nyambura
Mother to Machachari actor Beth Nyambura passed on after short illness.
Beth featured on Mother In Law as Wanade, a TV series which is being aired on Citizen TV
11.Musician Kaberere
He died in Nairobi following a tragic electricity accident at his car wash.
He was electrocuted at the car wash and died on spot.
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