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Bizarre! The African Continent Is Slowly Breaking Apart

Nonso onowu rex

Dec. 01, 2020

No one has ever witnessed a continent breaking apart, since the last time it occurred during the ice age, humanity as a whole didn't even know if they would survive that era, fast forward several millennia's later and the a continent is breaking apart again, slowly pulling away from each other. That's right folks the tittle above is correct the African continent is breaking apart.
In 2005 a 60Km long stretch of the continent cracked open over a period of just 10 days and it hasn't stopped expanding since, eventually it is expected that the land mass would break right off giving birth to a brand new ocean, we wonder what it would be called.
The face of our planet is continually changing thanks to the shifting to tectonic plates  but it's rarely this noticeable as the cases in Africa.
Have you ever heard of the east African rift? This rift is an active continental rift zone in eastern Africa Ethiopia to be precise.
The Somali and Nubian plates in the east African valley are breaking up and becoming smaller plates which are creating what is known as a rift valley in the region.
Despite the visible cracks that the tectonic plates shifts are leaving on the continent we very much wouldn't be alive to see them fully break apart as a full separation of the east African valley form the continent would take over 10 million years to materialize according to scientists.
This however, doesn't make the situation any less worrying, as cracks continue to appear ocassionally around these regions, and as Africans one would expect that the locals would have somehow by now concurred quite an unbelievable story as to how it may possibly be the anger of the gods that are dividing the land from beneath their feet.
The plates in the east African region are slowly spreading apart at about 6 to 7 MM a year, as these plate continue to pull away from each other, the rift valley would continue to sink deeper inside and eventually water from the red sea  would flood in to create a new ocean, this would lead to Africa becoming a whole lot smaller and parts of southern Ethiopia and Somalia would drift off to form a new continent.
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