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Follow These Steps To Prepare Coconut Curry Sauce Recipe

Onagun Musa Lukman

Dec. 01, 2020

Follow These Steps To Prepare Coconut Curry Sauce Recipe
Cooking is an interesting thing to do especially when you have all it requires to make a nice and delicious meal. Many people basically love to cook meals that are distinct and unique. In some occasions, if one is used to eating the same meal every time, it may not taste well again and one will be forced to change the recipes to cook something entirely different and enjoyable.
This article will guide you on how you can cook coconut curry sauce. It's high time you learn new delicacy. It will amaze you that many people will love to prepare this curry sauce after they have gone through the processes.
Obviously you will need to add coconut milk to it in order to bring new taste and flavour to the sauce. It's always good to try something new.
Anyway, this sauce is very easy to make. It's just a combination of chicken stock, Coconut milk, veggies and plenty curry. Before you ask me how I got the coconut milk, I will let you know you can get the packaged ones from the supermarket.
Check Out The List Of Ingredients Needed For The Coconut Curry Sauce:
1. Chicken,
2. Coconut milk,
3. Diced carrot,
4. Diced onions,
5. Diced green pepper,
6. Diced green beans,
7. Diced red chilli,
8. Ground pepper,
9. Red pepper(ground),
10. Vegetable oil,
11. Ginger and garlic,
12. Seasoning and salt
There are steps you need to pass through before the sauce can be readily prepared. This article will put you through six steps required. You must noted that non of this steps must be ignored.
STEP ONE: Start by marinating chicken with. . . Salt, stock cubes, curry and Thyme, ginger/garlic powder.
STEP TWO: Add some fresh pepper(optional), mix it well, cover and set aside for several minutes or hours, get a pan, and add some oil.
STEP THREE: Drop your marinated chicken, add some diced onions(optional), fry lightly, pour some water to still get chicken stock.
STEP FOUR: Taste stock and adjust seasoning, allow it boil a bit, pour out and set aside, in a fresh pan, add some oil, add some onions, add curry powder.
STEP FIVE: Pour your red pepper. . . Add green pepper, add green beans, add your diced carrot.
STEP SIX: Sprinkle some seasoning(optional), drop your chicken, pour the chicken stock, pour your coconut milk.
After all these are carefully followed, be rest assured that you coconut curry sauce will be made nicely and ready for serving. You may serve it with white rice, Spaghetti or whatever food you choose.
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