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Chris Hemsworth feared he was ‘treading water’ with Thor character
JC News|April. 13, 2019
Chris Hemsworth feared he was “treading water” playing Thor until the latest batch of Marvel movies.The Aussie hunk first played the Asgardian hero back in 2011’s Thor, a movie that established the character as a key part of the comic book franchise, but the sequel, The Dark World was less well received.Chris felt the character was struggling to stand out among a collection of iconic heroes including Iron Man, Captain America, and Guardians of the Galaxy - but he has ditched his reservations since 2017’s critically acclaimed Thor: Ragnarok and last year’s (18) Avengers: Infinity War. “I am genuinely proud of what we’ve done with it, because there were times when I felt like I was treading water and everyone else was taking advances in their character development,” he tells Balance magazine. “Their films were big at the box office and growing and the fanfare was huge. And I felt like, ‘Yeah, we’re along for the ride. But we really need to step it up a bit!’”New Zealand director Taika Waititi won plaudits for his more humorous take on the character in Ragnarok, and making that film was a reinvigorating experience for the 35-year-old actor.“Taika was really the turning point for me to reinvent it in such a big way,” he explains. “And then the Russos (brothers, who directed Infinity War) coming on board for the last Avengers film was dramatically different again. You’re going to be pretty surprised by the next one!”Anthony and Joe Russo are back for Avengers: Endgame, which is released this month (Apr19), and closes a chapter in the franchise, and Chris can’t wait to see the results.“As far as this individual movie goes, I haven’t seen it but I’ve heard more positive things about it than any other Marvel film,” he adds. “And I don’t say that as a sales pitch because it doesn’t need one!”
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