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Akothee spotted planting kiss on married TV host Jamal Gaddafi weeks after thirsting over him
Venessa Nyasio|April. 14, 2019
Popular singer Akothee has been spotted getting a little too close for comfort with married TV presenter Jamal Gaddafi.
Lol anyone with a perfect eyesight and good taste can easily tell the chap is quite the eye candy.
Facebook users were quick to uncover the full version of a cropped photo showing Akothee lying on the chap's lap as she held his hand.
Jamal bent and looked away as the jolly musician reached out for his cheek and gave him a sweet peck.
The pair was all dressed in white and could easily pass for a couple enjoying their honeymoon.
Hehe! The musician's fans could not stop oohing and aahing as they watched the pretty picture get more perfect as time passed.
Akothee's had received a facebeat that transformed her from a mother of five to a young, vibrant girl overwhelmed with love.
She and her companion rocked in their white attire and looked like a highschool couple that was still in the early stages of their relationship.
However, methinks the pair is just gearing up for a fire music video and could not help but tease the juiciest part of the song.
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