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Devil is using TV series Lucifer to win souls - Joshua Bamiloye claims, Nigerians react

Simbiat Ayoola

May. 15, 2019

Joshua Bamiloye, the son of popular Christian dramatist and founder of Mount Zion Drama Ministry, Mike Bamiloye, has sparked mixed reactions on social media after he shared his thoughts on a popular Hollywood television series.
The young man, who followed in his fathers footsteps, had taken to popular micro-blogging platform to express his thoughts on television series known as Lucifer.
Lucifer is a television series that tells a fictional story of how the devil escaped from hell to live in Los Angeles. In the series, Lucifer is bored of hell and he decided to solve crimes in the City of Angels.
According to Bamiloye, the television series is a trick by the devil to consume souls in a way that his appealing to humans. He noted that people are devoting themselves to the devil by declaring their love for the series.
Bamiloye also noted that his tweet is to let people know that the devil is smart and he would not wait until rapture to claim souls.
The young man also advised people to be vigilant and wise to keep their hearts and spirits on what glorifies God.
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Nigerians reacted to his claims with mixed expressions. Many agreed with the young man by saying the title of the show is all they need to be discouraged.
A user even claimed that she had felt the evil in the series when she watched her first episode and the room went dark.
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However, others expressed that the show is just a show and nothing more. They noted that people read unnecessary meanings to things.
A user also reminded Bamiloye that his father also produced movies that many might misread. The user listed a number of movies produced by Mount Zion.
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