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What Did James Charles Do to Tati Westbrook? A Complete Timeline of the YouTube Feud
JC News|May. 15, 2019
If you didn't know who James Charles was up until a couple of weeks ago, we don't blame you. The beauty mogul who became famous through YouTube has lost nearly three million subscribers, per CNN, in the matter of just days. And it all started when Tati Westbrook, one of YouTube's biggest names in makeup, posted a now-viral video on May 10 exposing James.
Feeling confused? Here's a complete timeline of the feud between the two moguls.
James seriously upset Tati after promoting the company SugarBearHair, which is in total competition with her own brand, Halo Beauty. After the 37-year-old makeup artist posted a video on Instagram, although not addressing James by name, fans knew who it was about. James was quick to reply, providing a story about how SugarBearHair helped him get out of a potentially dangerous situation at Coachella.
After seeing all the drama start to unfold on social media, another YouTuber by the name of Gabriel Zamora decided to weigh in. He published a video in which he explained he didn't get why James was being treated so harshly for promoting SugarBearHair. In one part of the 42-minute video, he said, "I’m confused and this is just me, I don’t get where the betrayal was…all of these videos are being made where James is made out to be this horrible human being and I’m just confused as to what happened."
Gabriel's video, along with all of her frustrations towards James, led to Tati then posting a 43-minute video on her YouTube channel, dramatically titled "BYE SISTER ...." The name was a direct hit at James, who uses the word "sister" very frequently to address his friends. In her explanation, Tati shared why she was upset with James for promoting SugarBearHair, adding that she felt used by him. She referenced having him in multiple videos, even for to do her wedding makeup, and didn't feel the respect or appreciation back from him. To make matters even more serious, Tati then addressed rumors that have been swirling regarding James and his alleged harassment of straight men. She explained how she was fed up with his oversexualization of everything, even recalling him hitting on a straight waiter in front of her friends and family. She claimed she had to call everyone to apologize on his behalf the next day.
In an underwhelming eight-minute video, James responded to Tati's video with an apology. "I’m so disappointed in myself that I ruined our relationship that did mean so much to me even though I didn’t do the best job showing it all the time," he said. He went on to address the harassment claims briefly, explaining he should've been more careful.
After Tati's video, James' subscriber count plummeted in a major way. As we mentioned, he's lost about three million subs on YouTube since Friday, May 10. And his other social media accounts have been seeing a loss as well. Most shockingly, fans noticed that Kylie Jenner unfollowed the 19-year-old star on Instagram. The pair collaborated on a Halloween makeup video in Oct. 2018 and seemingly remained friends afterwards. But Ky has obviously made her thoughts known on the situation.
One of the original big makeup moguls on YouTube, Jeffree Star, finally decided to respond to all of the drama in a series of since-deleted tweets. Calling James a "danger to society," he supported Tati in saying everything she claimed was true.
Since all the dragging of James on social, one of his good friends and fellow YouTube star Nikita Dragun took to social media to defend him. She shared alleged texts between her and James from Coachella, when he apparently needed to be helped by SugarBearHair. But now many are convinced the texts aren't even real. Plus, it still doesn't address the claims of harassment, which are much more damning.
It's been less than a week since Tati released the now-iconic video, and it seems like things have just gone from bad to worse for James. His clothing line, Sisters Apparel, now looks to be shut down. The site is run by Jeffree Star, so it's not crazy to think he might've pulled the plug.
James has been spotted out in public for the first time since Tati's video, out in Australia where he was set to open up a pop-up store, according to HollywoodLife. Photos from Daily Mail show him "sneaking into" the airport at Brisbane on Tuesday, May 14.
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