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5 Ways To Look Cool In Rainy Weather
Thintalltolu|Jun. 11, 2019
The rain took people on their commute by surprise this morning, with many people now sitting in soggy outfits, smelly socks and feet for the day. The weather is showing no signs of letting up for the week, so here are some top tips on dressing your best, despite the wind and rain.
Invest In A Bubble Umbrella
Sure, you’ll be kept dry under a large golf umbrella, but at the expense of every other person in your path. Bubble umbrellas come down around you, meaning you’ll stay safe from the rain, without annoying everyone else. They’ll also shield your hair from the wind.
Source: Amazon
Stay Away From Suede
Suede bags, shoes or boots will be destroyed by rain. Even the best protectant spray will only do so much. Leave them at home to avoid your favorite accessories becoming worn-looking in a bad way. Avoiding suede and other non-waterproof.
Throw On A Scarf
We’ve got a tendency to opt for fairly bleak colours as we head into the rains. Throwing on a bold, bright scarf can inject some colour and life into black or dark outfits and also provide cozy warmth for chilly autumn days.
Opt For Patterns Or Metallic
To avoid arriving into the office looking bedraggled, it can be beneficial to pick something patterned or metallic, where rogue raindrops will be camouflaged until you dry off.
Pick Something Tailored
“Anything that drags along the ground, like a maxi skirt, or long trousers, is a no-no,” says Weightman. There are few things more unpleasant than spending the day with wet ankles because the ends of your trousers have got soaked from dragging even slightly along the ground. More tailored cuffs will save you a world of misery on wet days.
On-trend option Leather is still big this season and perfect for wet, windy days. There are loads of really nice leather trousers, skirts, culottes out there, so you can definitely factor in that trend because it’s very durable for this weather.
Tell us in the comments section, what’s your rainy-day wardrobe will look like!
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