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6 Professional Practices Nigerian Youths Should Have

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July. 09, 2019

We all are working towards being professional in different areas in life, and these practices that I have listed below will pay in extras as you go on.
Source: pmnewsnigeria.com
Have a Work Suitable Clothing Choice
As we all know clothes is an important method of non-verbal communication, so when you get a suitable clothing choice you will probably avoid those side eye peeps.
Seek Mentorship from those you Admire
If you really want to go professional you should be the questions asking type and also listen carefully when those questions are been answered, also try to do whatever you can to learn and emulate those people whose part you want yourself to walk on in the next 10 to 20 years.
Source: guardian.ng
Maintain Relationships with Old Colleagues
Yes, this one is necessary too, don’t be the type that put old colleagues aside because you will never know how those old colleagues may be valuable to you later in your career. So try and maintain good relationship with old colleagues.
Always Show Up 10 Minutes Early
Punctuality is a must-have practice for all youths to adopt, punctuality in general is an honest sign of your organizational expertise and general dependability.
Source: phillymag.com
Working in a Creative Field
When you work in fields like design or writing, it’s a great idea because you can show off your personality and proficiency to sheen bright from behind a computer screen i.e. creating a portfolio website where you offer your expertise to get paid or writing to also get paid.
Digital Professional Address Book
When you create a digital professional address book, you don’t have to go through the stress of searching through old emails or files to find contact information again because all the contact information you need will be right in your fingertips.
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