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Does Sleeping Around Make You Better In Bed? (Join The Hottest Live Chat)
Brian|July. 11, 2019
If there is something that a man fears in an encounter with a woman, sexually, it is to after the sex get told, "Your bedroom skills suck. What the hell was that?". Ladies, too, have fallen into that category, and I bet it stings so hard.
In our generation, it is arguably one of the top ways to taint a person’s esteem. Men have talked blatantly of how dreary sex with a girl was because she was too stiff, scared, shy, making the experience boring and not worthy yearning for again. On the other side, women have gone to the extents of faking orgasms just to get the man off them, in a kind way that won’t shatter their esteem.
What has this led to? Men and women are now constantly and consciously leaving no stone unturned to ensure that they are the best they can be in bed. This includes, as some anonymous men have confessed, sleeping around with women to gain experience. Does that work?
In our live discussion today we will strip naked this issue and bring light to the question, Does sleeping around make you better in bed, or just another unfaithful scumbag with a pulse?
We shall seek to answer the questions:
1.       Can sleeping around really make you good in bed? (for both genders)
2.       If yes, would you choose it as an option?
3.       Would you leave your lover on the basis that they are not good in bed?
The live chat starts at 3pm. Click here to join our live room
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