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My wife (32F) wants a baby but I (32M) don't. As a husband am I obligated to have children with my wife?
Iyke|Aug. 08, 2019
Me and my wife got married when we were both 21 and at the time we agreed that we were never going to have children. Right now we are both 32 and my wife suddenly wants to have a baby! A few months ago her sister gave birth and ever since then my wife has got baby fever and its driving me mad! Whenever I bring up the fact that we agreed we would never have kids, she would say "At that time I didn't want kids but now I do"
We have been arguing a lot these days and it has gotten to the point where our family members our getting involved. I have no support from my family or even her family as everyone seems to think that I am either selfish or just scared.
My mother in law will yell at me and say "You are denying Clara the happiness of motherhood" My father in law will say "why did you get married if you never intended on starting a family?" My sister in law says "you are just scared of being a father" My own mother says "you have a duty towards your wife" My father says "Who is going to look after you when you get old? Only your children will look after you"
Everything at home is so awkward right now. We sleep on the same bed but I can feel this tension between us. In the mornings I always drop her at her office in my car but now she takes the bus. Also she googles "can I divorce my husband because he doesn't want kids?" and she purposely doesn't erase the browsing history because she wants me to see it(we share a computer)
My friends say that buying a puppy will cure her baby fever but we both work so who is going to look after the puppy when we are at work?
Anyway am I obligated to have a baby with my wife? Is there a way to stop this baby fever? (btw baby fever is a term used when a woman or a man wants a baby.)
**TL;DR; : Wife wants a baby but I don't**.
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