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Today I Love The Playful Bay

Tulambo Kumwenda

Aug. 11, 2019

Today I love the playful bay as it puddles around the sandy shores and slaps at the rocky edges. I love how it has flexed its muscles and climbed up the shoreline this year, though it is causing lots of trouble at parks and docks and cottage shorelines including a bit at our own. I love that our dock is such a novelty on this bay’s shoreline at least as far as we have seen. I love that the only other place we’ve seen this type of dock was in the city of Hamilton, Ontario at the dragon boat races last year. I love being near the water, breathing the taste of it, smelling the smell of it, watching it rule its part of the world with dominance and power, giving way to being pushed around but never, ever relenting and never easing up on the pressure it brings to bear by its weight and its movement. I love that I feel at home on and in the water, at its edge, on its surface, diving beneath its rocking waves, or sitting on the dock surrounded by it. I love this place set, as if by design, perfectly on the edge of the bay where we can see the far shore in the daytime and the clear sky at night.
Today I love that it is Sunday and there is not much to do but enjoy this day as much as possible. I love that we awoke with few plans and we already have made more than we can likely accomplish. I love that kayaking and possibly swimming are on the list, going to a vendors market, reading and golfing are all on there, though not all of those things need to be done this day. I love that yesterday and last night we had company and that the drunken renters next door were more of a source of amusement than annoyance, and that there were more jokes made about the sorry souls than there were complaints. I love that I personally declared them to be at the age where they had vocabulary (colorful it was too), and passion, but still not a single thing worth saying.
Today I love that we got up and did a speed run to the grocery store for coffee and nothing eles! I love that by the time we got there the list was coffee and doughnuts and nothing else! I love that we made it out of the grocery store with nothing more than coffee and doughnuts … and two flyswatters … and fifty feet of rope … not bad, eh?
Today I love drinking coffee at the water’s edge while writing and listening to the pressure washer the cottage next door scrubbing the drunken aftermath off of the deck.
Today I Love The Playful Bay
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