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Price comparison: DStv costs in South Africa vs 13 other countries

Adebisi Funmilayo

Sept. 16, 2019

For those of us complaining about our current DStv prices, it's important to know that things could be much worse here. Nigeria, meanwhile, leads the way.
A vocal number of South Africans who still have an active subscription with DStv have, at some point in time, registered a murmur of discontent with their service. Some subscribers believe they are “paying through the nose” for a regular output of soapies and Friends re-runs. But recently published data suggests that users are pretty well-off in Mzansi.
That’s at least when we compare our DStv services to 13 other countries on the continent, who also receive the MultiChoice network. The MyBroadband-produced data puts SA up against its main competitors, and it has undoubtedly yielded some eye-opening results.
For example, DStv’s Premium Package for South Africa is the joint-third cheapest. If just R5 were to be knocked off the total fees, it would be the second most-affordable service of its kind. Both the Compact and Access Packages also record some respectable mid-table finishes.
What are the current DStv prices in South Africa?
It’s not likely that MultiChoice will be changing their subscription fees in South Africa until April 2020, when their entire budget plan for DStv gets released. Like it or lump it, we’ve got our current fees in place for a while yet:
Premium: R809
Compact: R399
Access: R125
DStv prices in South Africa vs the rest of Africa:
If only we could all take a leaf out of Nigeria’s book: DStv is at its cheapest there, across its three most popular formats. The country provides a Premium service that is R169 cheaper per month than its nearest competitor, Botswana. Then follows SA, joined in the top five by Namibia and Swaziland (all three nations share an identical price structure).
Interestingly enough, the most expensive DStv Package from the options provided comes from DR Congo. Users wanting the best the network has to offer would be forced to shell out R1 528 a month, costing a subscriber more than R18 000 each year. Nigeria’s Access Package is the cheapest of the lot, priced at just R81 a month:
Premium Package
Nigeria: R636
Botswana: R805
South Africa: R809
Namibia: R809
Swaziland: R809
Tanzania: R817
Ghana: R899
Zambia: R934
Zimbabwe: R946
Kenya: R1 053
Mauritius: R1 077
Malawi: R1 092
Ethiopia: R1 164
DR Congo: R1 528
Compact Package
Nigeria: R274
Tanzania: R279
Kenya: R351
Zambia: R363
Zimbabwe: R364
Ghana: R368
South Africa: R399
Namibia: R399
Swaziland: R399
Botswana: R429
DR Congo: R437
Mauritius: R439
Malawi: R447
Ethiopia: R480
DStv Access
Nigeria: R81
Ghana: R109
Ethiopia: R116
Tanzania: R120
Botswana: R121
South Africa: R125
Namibia: R125
Swaziland: R125
Zambia: R126
Kenya: R126
Mauritius: R159
Zimbabwe: R160
Malawi: R169
DR Congo: R176
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