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Evil dad killed wife with sledgehammer then told his daughter’s, 7 and 9, they were playing a game before choking them to death


Sept. 17, 2019

A FATHER has confessed to tricking his young daughters, aged 7 and 9, into playing a game where he cruelly choked them to death after killing their mum with a sledgehammer.
Jacob Forman, 35, pleaded guilty to the brutal triple murder and was sentenced to life in prison on Monday.
Forman brutally murdered his wife and two young daughters at their British Columbia home nearly two years ago, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported.
He said he became enraged when his wife Clara, 33, confronted him about his drinking, striking her three times in the head with a sledgehammer, the B.C. Supreme Court heard.
After the murder, the plumber said he took his daughters - Karina, 7, and Yesenia, 9 - outside to shovel snow and then took them to church.
He told his daughters that their mother's screams were because she wasn't feeling well, according to his confession.
When they returned home, he took his youngest daughter Karina into her bedroom, telling her they were going to play a game he had played as a kid.
He instructed her to stand on her head and then quickly turn upright while he choked her from behind as she passed out.
Then he did the same thing to his elder daughter.
Forman also admitted that he went to work as usual for two days following the murders after stashing their bodies in the garage.
He bought supplies to clean the blood off the carpet.
A concerned work colleague who noticed Clara hadn't shown up for work stopped by the house and recounted that Forman told her his wife had left him.
She called police who found all three bodies in the garage of the family's Rutland home two days later.
In his confession, Forman said he killed the girls, because it would be better for them to go to heaven than live in a world where their father killed their mother.
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