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Lagos Residents come hard on Sanwo-Olu as Lagos remains Congested, Dirty and Flooded 16:35 Instanaija Blog 0 Comments


Sept. 20, 2019

These are some of the posts on Nigeria's social media platforms over Sanwo-olu's silence
14 hrs ·  · Sanwo Olu has not been in the news since after the first few weeks of his inauguration, whether for positive or even negative reason. Lagos is used to action governors. Awon governor to san l'ori.
Hazard and Sanwo-Olu have so many things in common, ghosting is one of them.
When Sanwo Olu was begging for our votes, I remember the young lady that told him to his face that he will end up disappearing after we vote for him. Alot of people called her rude but I guess she's been vindicated. Where is the governor of Lagos?
Sep 18 ·  · Sanwo Olu May still Surprise His Critics but for now the critics are on the leading score.. Time will tell
There is no governance in Lagos at the moment. Perhaps it could remain so until 2023. The earlier we know that and make our plans without a functional government, the better for us. Sanwo-Olu came to office on holiday ride and he is still balling in that status.
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