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Joaquin Phoenix Switches Places With Jimmy Fallon During Weird ‘Tonight Show’ Appearance

Efe Michael Obasuyi

Oct. 05, 2019

On the same day “Joker” opened in theatres, Joaquin Phoenix paid a visit to “The Tonight Show” to promote his anticipated new film.
Host Jimmy Fallon started things off by reading Phoenix a list of eccentric facts about the actor that may or may not be true, with at least one of them bona fide, including Phoenix’s belief that reality TV stars are the best actors in the world and that one of his nicknames is “kitten.”
The big revelation: Phoenix has watched the Will Ferrell-John C. Reilly comedy “Step Brothers” more than any other movie.
Midway through the interview, things take a weird turn when Fallon offers a description of “Joker” that Phoenix feels is a bit on the lame side.
“I mean, you’re great in general,” Phoenix tells Fallon of his setup, “but that wasn’t the best.”
After Fallon tries another attempt to describe the movie, Phoenix insists there’s no reason to tell people anything other than “let them just see it… or not.”
Dejected, Fallon walks away from his desk, declaring, “You don’t need me. It’s cool.”
As Fallon stands off to the side looking heartbroken, Phoenix hops into the host’s chair behind the desk.
“Alright, welcome back!” Phoenix tells the cheering audience. “We got a great guest tonight — Jimmy Fallon,” leading Fallon to perk back up and take a seat in the guest’s chair — where he talked about “Joker” as if he were Phoenix, with the conversation going hilariously off the rails as Fallon shared his experiences working with “T.P.” (his nickname for “Joker” director Todd Phillips) and how he nailed a scene involving breakfast.
In another part of the interview, the pair discuss their addictions, with Fallon explaining how he was trying to kick soda while Phoenix discussed seeing a hypnotist in order to quit smoking. Watch:
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