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3 top reasons to choose Kinsta WordPress hosting


Oct. 08, 2019

If you’re looking for a home for your WordPress website, you’re going to need a quality web hosting service. And if you’re not particularly au fait with the ways of the web, this can be incredibly confusing, not to mention costly if you choose the wrong service provider.
But it doesn’t need to be. Kinsta is a high quality, reliable WordPress web hosting service, which offers affordable plans for a wide range of requirements. So whether you’re a budding designer wanting to launch your first online portfolio, or a web pro wanting advanced features to take your site to the next level, Kinsta has you covered.
Packed with an extensive toolset, Kinsta pulls ahead of its competitors with a number of key features, including lightning-fast architecture, a high security network and free site migrations. Let’s take a closer look at why Kinsta’s stand-out WordPress web hosting service is the perfect solution for creatives.
01. It won't break the bank
Finding that perfect corner of the web to place your website can be expensive, especially if you choose a mediocre service. Kinsta keeps web hosting affordable and removes the risk of added costs with a number of clear pricing plans to choose from.
A premium solution at a price that won’t break the bank, Kinsta offers plans from just $30 a month for starters, right through to $1500 enterprises plans and everything in between. The best value for money, Kinsta rates are highly competitive, with options to suit every and all budgets.
02. You don't have to be a web wizard to use it
Don’t know how to code? Confused by web hosting? Rest assured you’re not the only one unfamiliar with the workings of the web, but the good news is the Kinsta team are on hand to help you every step of the way. Kinsta puts web hosting within everyone’s reach, offering 24/7 support from leading WordPress experts.
Over the past decade, Kinsta developers have armed the software with tools to optimise your site’s performance and make managing it a cinch.  A prime example of this is its one-click staging environment, where in – yes, you guessed it – just one click, any WordPress install at Kinsta can have its own staging area, completely separate from the live site. Simply press the ‘create a staging environment’ button and you can test WordPress versions, plugins, code and general development, all without affecting your live website.
Being big fans of making things super-simple, the Kinsta team have also extended this ‘one-click’ feature to SSL and CDN implementation, meaning offloading bandwidth requests and reducing load times has never been easier.
Kinsta is jam-packed with easy to understand and use features to make your website’s performance as fast and efficient as it can be. And if you get stuck, just call on the expert Kinsta team, who are available around the clock to help.
03. But if you are a web wizard, there's lots here for you too!
Kinsta also accommodates the more seasoned web user, offering plenty of advanced features to help take your WordPress sites to the next level. Built from the ground up with WordPress developers in mind, you’ll find lots of tools under Kinsta’s hood to help speed up and automate your workflow.
The multi-user environment option is a standout feature, offering both safety and convenience, with permissions set individually so each user gets the access they need and no more. Kinsta also offers detailed website analytics for advanced developers, one-click cloning and nothing but the best tech stack optimised for WordPress.
Kinsta is a highly capable and powerful tool, but at the heart of the service is the user. A subject that is confusing for some, the Kinsta team have broken it down to make it accessible for beginners, and, at the same time, loaded it with tools that will excite even the most seasoned WordPress user.
Add all that up and it’s not hard to see how Kinsta has been awarded top tier status by ReviewSignal five years in a row. So what are you waiting for? Sign up with Kinsta and settle into your new home online for less today.
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