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Scott Disick Says It Was Awkward To Spend His Vacation With Kourtney Kardashian and Sofia Richie

Thadee Habana

Oct. 08, 2019

Recently, Scott Disick, his ex-girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian, his three kids, and his new girlfriend, Sofia Richie, traveled to Finland together. The trip, which is featured on this season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, marked Richie’s first appearance on the show, though the couple have been together for two years.
In one of the show’s confessionals, Scott, 36, admits that although his 21-year-old girlfriend has traveled with the family before, but that the dynamic is often awkward. “I never want to miss out on anything when it includes the kids,” he said , adding that for the past six to eight months, the family has been on a couple of trips together, but that Sofia had felt left out.
Scott added that having Richie on the show has changed things since it has brought television cameras into their private life. “Traveling with a family like this is a unique situation that not everyone does. I definitely think this trip, out of the other trips we’ve been on, has a little bit more pressure because the truth of the matter is, there are camera crews everywhere,” he said.
He said that Kourtney and he have ten years of experience in front of cameras yet for Sofia, it is all new. He added that he feels the need to protect her and her feelings. He also admitted that he is unsure of how he should act around Kourtney when Sofia is around.
“Sometimes you have so many inside jokes or inside things with somebody you’ve known for so long, even if you’re not romantically with them, you don’t really know how to act. It is definitely a really hard and awkward situation, and I just feel bad. At the end, I want the people I love in my life to be happy,” he said.
Scott shared his feelings with Kourtney who offered to have a talk with Richie to make sure she felt comfortable before the trip. “I think you put so much pressure on things to make everything perfect,” Kourtney told her ex-boyfriend. “I don’t even mind if you [and Sofia] go off and do your thing, but if you’re in it, let’s enjoy what’s happening.”
Scott has recently listed one of his California homes for $7 million. The house, a refurbished 5,600-square-foot property in Hidden Hills that he renovated on his show, Flip It Like Disick , which debuted on E! this summer, is more than double the area’s median home value of $3.29 million.
Scott flipped his first investment home five years ago and has since renovated homes for friends and family, including the children’s playhouse at Kourtney’s home. He will join former pop singer-turned-designer Willa Ford on the show, as well as his best friend and business partner Benny Luciano, contractor Miki Moor and assistant Lindsay Diamond. He will also executive produce the eight-episode series with Kourtney’s mom, Kris Jenner.
“I’m excited to bring fans a new series that shows what I’m really passionate about professionally, which is flipping real estate and doing crazy and impressive renovations on celebrity homes,” he said.
The $7 million property , described as a "stunning contemporary farmhouse" by The Agency, is in an exclusive gated community and was just recently built with “amazing attention to detail, high-quality finishes” and an “emphasis on indoor-outdoor luxury living.” He gave a tour of the five-bedroom, six-bathroom home on E! News.
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