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Hall of Fame honours for three southern musicians

Wali haidar

Oct. 09, 2019

Three Southland musicians with more than 130 years' combined jamming and entertaining will be recognised on Saturday night.
Las Angeles-based Helen Henderson, along with Brad MacClure and Bruce Chilton, are to be inducted into the Southland Music Hall of Fame at the Southland Musicians Club in Invercargill.
All three feel honoured to be selected.
Club president Trevor Daley says four or five musicians are inducted most years and the criteria is 25 years or more of contributing to the industry.
"It shows longevity and a mark of respect from fellow musicians," Daley says.
Henderson, a singer-songwriter, left Southland in 1974 to further her career in London and then in the United States. She makes regular trips back home to catch up with friends and perform occasionally.
"Most of my songs were inspired from growing up here [Southland]," she says.
MacClure, of Makarewa, plays multiple instruments. He has played the guitar for 44 years and is also proficient on the keyboard, fiddle and mandolin. Performing in Pipin' Hot is one of the many shows/concerts he has been in.
Chilton will be the third member of his immediate family to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, following his son, Chris, and daughter-in-law Bonnie Turner.
Music has been a life-long interest for Chilton who owns three saxophones, three clarinets and two keyboards.
"I've played in dozens of bands ... for 30 years I was musical director of the Crazy Rhythm Big Band."
In 2017, he ended 50 years of tutoring. One of the many he taught was Green Party List MP Jan Logie, who learned the saxophone.
Eighty-three names are on the Hall of Fame's honours board, starting with singer-songwriter Dave Kennedy. He was in the group LInk that had the 1970s hit, Only Time Could Let Us Know .
Daley says musicians are needed at many events, from playing in pubs and sporting events to major concerts.
"What you see on the stage is only the tip of the iceberg ... they would have done hours of practising."
Daley believed Southland's music industry was vibrant and strong. He's delighted that 40 to 50 musicians will perform at the high schools' competition, Sound Quest , at the Southland Musicians Club on October 18.
"They never cease to amaze me with their talent and enthusiasm ... the future of [Southland] music is in good hands."
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