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Trump, who is dumb, 'constantly' talks about making White House staffers take polygraph tests


Oct. 09, 2019

Trump is paranoid, compulsive, and dumb. There you go, you're all caught up.
If you require more detail than that, sigh, fine. Here we go. A new Politico report is getting a bit of attention for probing Donald Trump's continued obsession with maybe-possibly subjecting everyone around him to polygraph testing to see who the snitches are who keep leaking things he didn't want America to find out about. Privately, says the report, Donald "has frequently discussed" the possibility of ordering White House staffers to take polygraph tests after major disclosures. He constantly talks about it, in fact.
It would be a "stark and politically risky departure from past practice," it observes, repeating a phrase that has been used so often of late that it has lost all meaning.
Now here's a story that has it all. It features the core Trump "leadership" dynamic: Dear Leader having constant irate meltdowns at his staff when he hears things on his television set he doesn't like. It has staffers arguing whether Trump repeatedly making a ridiculous demand should be taken seriously or whether it is just one of his idiot tics. It has the White House press secretary stating what is almost certainly an outright, brazen lie, claiming that she can "say unequivocally" that she never heard Trump say such a thing in the last four years despite Politico finding multiple ex-administration officials willing to say the opposite.
Anyhoo, Donald is likely uninterested in whether polygraph tests produce accurate results—scientists have long been skeptical or outright critical of the supposed "lie-detecting" device. When you are an ever-raging imbecile who lies constantly, about everything, it doesn't particularly matter whether you finger the right subordinate for punishment so long as you can find a subordinate to pin the blame on.
Really, though? He should do it. Go for it, Donald. Every last person remaining in the Trump White House deserves to suffer constantly, all the time, in these petty and degrading ways. Televise the tests—no, better: Hold raffles in which any American who enters can submit one question that each Trump official must answer, on camera, while connected to a polygraph. The government would make So. Much. Money.
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