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Bobrisky Talks About Being Rich, Growing Boobs And Getting Pregnant

Ade, son of Ade

Oct. 10, 2019

Bobrisky says the reason why he is growing breasts is because he is using pills and eating well. Nothing really serious, just to give him a cleavage look, not breasts like that. 
Bobrisky says he is an entertainer - he dances, he cooks and he is a crossdresser. He says the only reason he is in female attire is because he wants to entertain people. He says it has given him a brand, fame, and money. 
He claims his brand sells creams - Bobrisky lightening cream. Also, he does promotion for artists and has a followership of over 400,000 views on his Snapchat page. 
In a week, Bobrisky says he makes nothing less than 600,000-700,000 Naira because his cream costs 200,000 naira per package and he sells at least 2 packs a week. 
Bobrisky says he is his sponsor currently and is very single. 
On getting pregnant, he says he is doing well in his feminine style, even though it is cool to be a guy. But the female side of him gives him more fame and money. 
source: youtube.com
He says he really loves to be a girl and be pregnant and would love to do a surgery to get that. He hopes to change his sex just to carry a baby. But if he is not going to carry a baby after the surgery, he says he rather remains the way he is.
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