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Aisha Buhari reportedly restricted in Aso Rock after returning to Nigeria


Oct. 11, 2019

The number one speculation in Nigeria at the moment is gaining more momentum as the Presidency refuses to debunk or confirm the widespread rumors about President Buhari’s upcoming wedding to  Sadia Umar Farouq , the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Social Development.
In the absence of comment from the people involved in the matter, many events and claims of reports from insiders are making a lot of Nigerians to believe the widespread story.
After a piece titled ‘Aisha Buhari, Better Return Before Someone Else Takes over the other room’ appeared on Daily Trust,  a Nigerian newspaper; The oppositions of the government has also gained the audacity to use it as a point of reference as they influence the rumors of President’s upcoming marriage .
A video that surfaced online has also made a lot of Nigerians to believe Aisha Buhari has made an emergency return to Nigeria following the rumors of Buhari’s wedding. Before now, the First Lady reportedly remained outside the country for over two months to protest the recent developments in the presidency.
In the viral video, it was alleged that Aisha Buhari and Aides were restricted from accessing some of their jurisdictions within the Aso Rock upon arrival and the people involved were heard yelling over the matter. However, the recordings only showed furniture and the face of the people involved were censored.
The voice beneath the video made a statement saying:
“This is the villa, we have over 200 solders guarding us, over 200 police guarding us. Why do they have to lock the door?? Enough is enough?
Watch the viral video below:
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