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Thieves jailed for kidnapping man outside pub and 'demanding lots of money'


Oct. 13, 2019

A gang of thieves who kidnapped a man at knife-point after hearing he’d recently come into some money have been jailed.
Cameron Halls, 33, Marc Spittle, 34, and Alisha Dale, 29, picked up their victim, in his 20s, from outside a pub on New Year’s Eve last year.
They then bundled him into a car and drove him around Stafford, while demanding he hand over the cash.
Spittle, who knew the victim, was anxious to pay off some debts, Stafford Crown Court heard.
He and Halls held the man down while Dale drove the car, as the group threatened him with a blade and put him into headlocks in their desperate bid to get the money.
The victim told them he no longer had the cash, and he was taken to a relatives house, where others inside were threatened and assaulted by the trio.
After still failing to get the money, the gang took the man back into the car before finally dropping him off on Belt Road, near Cannock, around two hours after they first kidnapped him.
He then found a working man’s club and told a woman inside: ‘I’ve been kidnapped. They had a knife and they demanded lots of money.’
Spittle, Halls and Dale were sentenced for a total of more than 36 years behind bars.
Halls, of Sidney Avenue, Stafford, was found guilty of kidnap, conspiracy to rob and robbery and was sentenced to 17 years.
Spittle, of Greensome Lane, Stafford, pleaded guilty to kidnapping and two counts of conspiracy to rob at an earlier hearing and was jailed for 14 years.
Dale, of Exeter Street, Stafford, was jailed for five years and six months for kidnapping and conspiracy to rob.
Detective Sergeant Ian Press, of Staffordshire Police, said: ‘This was a terrifying experience for the victim that lasted for several hours.
‘He was held at knife-point, in fear for his own life and those of family members.
‘We’re glad the three involved are now serving substantial sentences which reflect the seriousness of this disturbing crime.’
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