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Husband (m30) and I (f26) have been married 1 year. Last night husbands best friend (m31) made me really uncomfortable.


Oct. 15, 2019

Throwaway account.....We had a party and his best friend was staying the night afterwards. Husband’s best friend walked in on me giving my husband head. He just stood there right next to us and was watching. I obviously stopped when I saw him there. He made a comment to my husband, “Oh, she’s shy now that I’m here”.
Husband didn’t act like it even bothered him. It was like he was completely okay with him watching. He was even encouraging me to keep going. Eventually friend walked away because I had stopped. Husband and I still haven’t talked about it. I don’t even know how to bring it up or what to say! Advice and opinions?
TL;DR! Husband(m30) and his best friend(m30) made me(f26) super uncomfortable. How do I bring this up to my husband? I feel like they planned this!
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