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Do we need numerous fashion weeks in Nigeria or something more?


Dec. 03, 2019

Fashion designer, Adebayo Oke-Lawal of Orange Culture expressed his view about the concept of fashion weeks organized by banks.
The concept of fashion week, we believe is supposed to be about designers presenting collections for the new season to a room full of buyers, editors, media, other designers and industry experts. Can we say the same for the fashion events organized by banks? No, I guess.
From Arise Fashion Week to Lagos Fashion Week, GTBank Fashion Weekend, Style By Zenith amongst others, Nigerians are fed with several fashion events between January to December. A worrying fact we need to pay attention to is the impact of these fashion events on the fashion industry itself.
Adebayo Oke-Lawal of Orange Culture wants banks to invest in the fashion industry [Instagram/ Adebayo okelawal] Instagram/ Adebayo okelawal
Are the fashion weeks one of the marketing strategy for industries that are struggling to survive the economy? Are we also hoping to see other banks jump on this same trend? Do we actually need series of fashion week? These are a few of the questions that well up in our minds.
Designer Adebayo Oke-Lawal of Orange Culture might have read our minds as he stirred up a conversation on Twitter that involves the effects of fashion weeks on Nigeria's fashion industry and what it needs. Several fashion experts and editors weighed on the thread as they shared their views on banks organizing fashion events while some other people thinks he's not considering the other set of people benefiting from these events.
Read his tweet thread below.
Of course, Adebayo 's tweet generated lots of responses that further buttress his points. Read some of the tweets below.
There's another point coming out of this conversation. How will the models hired for these events make money?
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