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Iran chillingly warns Tehran will respond to tanker attack ‘at right time, place’


Dec. 04, 2019

IRAN has warned that it will respond to the missile attack on the Sabiti oil tanker at “the right time and place”.
The Iranian Army’s deputy commander for operations Mahmoud Moussavi made the chilling threat adding “proper measures” will take place, according to the semi-official Iranian Mehr news agency. He added that the Islamic Republic will never “adopt the heinous and illegal measures that some countries take in the seas, however, this does not mean that we will let them do whatever they want”. He also said that once the elements involved in the attack have been identified, then “proper measures, based on the expediency of the Islamic Republic, will be taken at the right time and place”.
Iran is said to be currently dealing with documents that are reported to list the parties involved in the attack that took place in October.
The Sabiti tanker is owned by the National Iranian Oil Company and was hit by two missiles in the Red Sea.
Iran released images showing the shocking aftermath of an attack when it happened, while also warning it would hit back against the perpetrators.
The images showed two gaping holes in the hull of an oil tanker flying the flag of the Islamic Republic.
The alleged attack happened off the Saudi Arabian port of Jeddah.
Iran said that the “cowardly” attack on its own tanker was caused by a missile strike and vowed not to let it go unanswered.
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Tehran had evidence the tanker damaged in the Red Sea was attacked with rockets fired from boats, warning that those responsible would face consequences.
During a news conference, which was broadcast on Iranian state television, Rouhani said that footage of the alleged attack existed, even though it has not yet been released.
Rouhani added that a government was behind the hit and warned that there would be consequences.
Mr Rouhani said: “It wasn’t an act by terrorists, by an individual, a group.
“It was done by a government.
“It was a hostile and treacherous act.”
Tehran said the ship was hit by two separate explosions and likely by missiles, according to its owner.
The National Iranian Tanker Company released pictures of the vessel that showed holes, one square, both with sharp edges and oil pouring out into the sea.
The attack caused oil to spill from the tanker into the Red Sea, the NITC said, before it was eventually controlled and the vessel began slowly moving back towards Gulf waters.
The attack followed a series of unexplained strikes in May and June on shipping in and around the Gulf, a vital waterway linking oil-producing countries to world markets, as well as drone attacks on Saudi oil installations.
Yesterday, US President Donald Trump warned about World War 3, claiming “if I weren’t President, we’d be in a war” during his speech ahead of this week’s NATO summit.
Ahead of the NATO meeting in the UK, Mr Trump had a damning analysis of his predecessor, Barack Obama.
Mr Trump said this morning: “We’d be in a war if it weren’t for me [sic].
“If I weren’t President, we’d be in a war. If you listened to President Obama, we’d be in World War 3 right now.”
His comments come at a time of heightened tensions between the US and Iran.
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