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Does Orji Uzor Kalu treatment apply to Ambode and Deziani?


Dec. 07, 2019

In building a government where integrity speaks louder than words, certain actions are said to support such motions. On a daily basis, the profile used in preparation of the manifesto of any public office holder is always cross checked by the masses after they have assumed office, this serves as a means of checks and balances, and also a reminder to the flamboyant campaign promises that have emanated from packed up arenas and political freebies that follow participation.
For any democratic tenure to succeed, the role of the judiciary is extremely sensitive as they serve as limitations to the natural freedom a democratic dispensation gives. With a very active judiciary in place, cases of electoral results aftermath, abuse of human rights, corruption and other aspects of the society can be adequately met with very high standards of professionalism, fairness and equity. It is known that once there is a fair judicial system clearly structured out with their autonomous roles, the legislative and executive arms remember their limits.
To build a bridge for development, many countries around the world have called for a more transparent judiciary to enforce the binding rules and regulations encrypted in the biddings of the constitution. With that serving as a foundation to checking the menace of corruption amongst public and private office holders, the attention is given more to public office holders because they are exposed to large funds that emanate from the state coffers on a daily basis. For public office holders especially the ones that come into office through elections, they have two phases of pressure ; Firstly sourcing for funds to participate in the elections which entails campaign trips, branded merchandize, acquiring of campaign vehicles, security, ad hoc staff, campaign offices, PR, just to mention a few. The second part of pressure is after the elections, when they have to pay back from the sources they got the funds to run the elections from.
In the past, we have seen this type of issue arise when Chris Ngige was governor , he engaged in a tussle with his godfather and was taken out of the government house, to a private residence without his security details ; forced to sign documents, well, this situations happen everyday after elections due to the financial commitment needed to run a successful campaign. With one of the core agenda of the APC government to fight corruption of public office holders, in their manifesto, Nigeria expected a lot of tantrums from the political scene, this however was not as much in the first four years we it seemed like the only people prosecuted where members of the Opposition parties. In the hearts of Nigerians, it seemed like another political gimmick until the happenings of recent times that has seen the APC's own Orji Uzor Kalu, a former governor of Abia state, sentenced to a jail term by a Nigerian court. This occurrence has however left many corners in shock as it was an unexpected situation, but it has finally settled in as a current day topic of discussion.
Orji Uzor Kalu, who is a chairman to different companies which include two news papers in under his business belt. He was the governor of Abia State after serving as Chairman of the Bornu water board. Orji Kalu is in a past election was the flag bearer for the PPA as their presidential candidate, which helped him showcase the possibility of representing the desires of the South East to present a president of Nigeria. This angle has questioned the timing of his court sentencing as if it connects to the next elections in 2023, as Orji Uzor Kalu has always seemed as the viable candidate if APC goes on with their plans to zoning the next presidential slot to the South East.
For a man like Orji Uzor Kalu who was one of the founding members of the PDP, donating over half of their start up funds, his profile falls into sequence as one of the brightest stars from the East, but in terms of Buhari's clear quest to eradicate corruption from the corridors of power in the country, Orji Uzor Kalu has been used as an example to show that the process is transparent and this may be the end to his quest zest for the seat of the Presidency.
For the former governor of Lagos State, Akinwunmi Ambode who is also on the radar for corrupt practices while in office, began his tenure as governor of Lagos state right after Tunde Fashola's tenure. Riding on the back of Bola Tinubu was already a success guarantee as he won the PDP aspirant, Jimi Agbaje by over a hundred thousand votes. However with the initiation of vision scape into the system of Lagos, the waste management system fell off the cadres of the past, added to the connection to his fraud charges which saw the EFCC freeze three accounts traced to Akinwunmi Ambode. Later on, the EFCC operatives visited the resident of Ambode at Epe, where he is from. They met very strong resistant from the residents as they tried to gain access to the property, in other to not allow the issues escalate, the officials left the premises.
Further more, the Lagos State House of Assembly who in the past have criticized Ambode's initiation of Vision scape as the waste management firm for Lagos, also had some questioning for him about the buses purchased foe the BRT system in Lagos. They claim that the amounts quoted where bloated and wanted the former governor to come and clarify.
In reaction, Ambode went to get a court ruling, checking on the authority of the House of Assembly of Lagos State to summon the former governor, with that case pending, it is clear that the EFCC and the Lagos State government is still in the process of indicting Ambode for some expenses during his four year tenure as governor of Lagos State, let's see how this unfolds. With Deziani's case also in court for so many years, it seems like President Buhari's stand on corruption may finally be coming to pass. In my opinion, now he does not really need any body's votes any more and so, he can lead the nation this time to build a lasting legacy that was marred in the first four years by the surplus elements in his cabinet, who never advised or informed him on the responses of the masses via channels like the media on issues that affect the nation and the well being of the citizenry, represented in this democratic dispensation. Do you think Ambode and Deziani will experience the same fate as Orji Uzor Kalu? Please let's have a conversation in the comment section below as we share our thoughts on the issue.
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