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Inspection results for Dubai’s Indian and Pakistani schools revealed

Anyangu kevin

Jan. 17, 2020

The inspected schools maintained their ratings from the year before, report reveals
Almost three-quarters of Dubai’s Indian-curriculum schools are rated ‘good’ or better by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority.
In an inspection report that judged 32 Indian schools in the emirate last year, Dubai’s private school education regulator found nine were ‘very good’, 11 were ‘good’ and 10 were ‘acceptable’. Just one school was ranked ‘outstanding’ and another was ranked ‘weak’.
No Indian curriculum or Pakistani curriculum schools were judged ‘very weak’ but two Pakistani schools were ranked ‘acceptable’ and ‘weak’ respectively.
Seven out of 10 students at Dubai’s Indian-curriculum schools now receive good or better-quality education
Dr Abdulla Al Karam, KHDA
KHDA has been inspecting Indian and Pakistani schools for 11 years. The regulator said the new report indicated an improvement on education quality with 73 per cent of schools rated ‘good’ or better compared to 45 per cent in 2009-2010.
Gems Modern Academy has been rated outstanding since 2011-2012.
While Shaikh Rashid Al Maktoum Pakistani School was rated acceptable for a two consecutive years, Pakistan Educational Academy was rated weak for a second time.
Of the Indian curriculum schools, Gulf Model School was rated weak.
“Seven out of 10 students at Dubai’s Indian-curriculum schools now receive good or better-quality education,” said Dr Abdulla Al Karam, director general of KHDA.
"With more than 79,000 students enrolled in Dubai’s Indian-curriculum schools — we have seen a remarkable 34 per cent growth in pupil numbers in the last decade.
"These positive trends coupled with year-on-year progress build on the confidence in Dubai’s private education sector."
According to KHDA, 12 Indian-curriculum schools improved their overall rating in the past three years.
More than 2,800 lessons were observed over 100 days during inspections.
The report revealed that Indian schools still need to work on their performance in Arabic, however.
The Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau judge schools on a variety of indicators including leadership, pupil attainment, teaching and governance.
For Arabic attainment, Indian schools earned 14 per cent weak judgements, and seven per cent weak judgements for Arabic progress.
“Indian-curriculum schools showed improvements in learning skills, science and governance. These are positive trends that are in line with overall expectations and consistent with our recommendations,” said Fatma Belrehif, chief executive of Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau.
KHDA announced the names of schools rated good or very good on social media on Wednesday and posted the names of schools rated acceptable on Thursday.
Four Indian curriculum schools improved their ratings from good to very good.
Schools rated acceptable included Elite English School, Gulf Indian High School, New Indian Model School, and Crescent English School.
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