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History of the smartphone

Sarah akiru

Jan. 18, 2020

If you're using a smartphone, you'll have to thank Steve Jobs...
Because without Steve, they'll be no smartphone.
Wayne Westerman invented the Softtouch interface called "Fingerworks" which used just a single touchpad, instead of keyboards. It was this innovation that led to the invention of the iPhone (Smartphone).
The Fingerworks Pad was created simply as a Light Keyboard. It enabled people with "wrist" injury to be able to type with a computer.
One day, an Apple employee came with a Fingerworks device, other employees saw it and was impressed by it, so they showed it to Steve Jobs...
By 2005, Apple had already aquired Fingerworks.
Before the iPhone, several "Touch" devices had been created, but none of them had ever been used as a Phone.
So the thought of a small keyboardless device, capable of performing computer tasks, was later imagined.
But Steve Jobs was in a Dilemma. He didn't know whether to Upgrade the iPod into a Keyboardless Phone, or to shrink the Mac, into a smaller device.
He tried both at the same time using different employees, and the iPod idea turned out to be a Huge failure, while the Mac idea seemed better. The Mac OS was also shrinked, and renamed iOS.
By 2006, a new Keyboardless Phone was almost ready, but there was still two problems.
First, the 'Keypad' was too small so the Screen Touch didn't work accurately. In other solved this, Steve asked all Apple employees to abandon every other projects, and focus on building an accurate KEYPAD.
For weeks, the employees worked so hard that they were working 7 days a week. Many of them slept in their offices. It was so stressful that some resigned, some suffered Divorces and Health issues.
Finally an employee was able to build an accurate working Keyboard.
The second problem the hindered the phone was the CPU. It couldn't work perfectly, and it could crash at any moment. So APPLE had to partner with SAMSUNG. Samsung was asked to make a smaller CPU that could work on a handheld device. Samsung never knew that Apple was working on their own Mobile Phone, so they agreed. They supplied Apple with the CPU.
By 2007, the iPhone was ready. It was the first of it kind. It was a Keyboardless mobile phone that is capable of performing several tasks. It was like carrying a computer in your pocket. The UX was awesome.
But here's the MAIN GIST.
The first iPhone was unveiled in 2007 by Apple, it caused a lot of buzz...
But when the BLACKBERRY CEO heard about it, he laughed it off saying that the Screen was too big, and the networks were slow. He was right.. the iPhone Browser didn't work properly at the moment, and this caused Apple some setbacks.
Prior to the release of the iPhone, GOOGLE was already working on their own Mobile Phone, but When they saw the smartphone, they quickly reacted and created their own version, which became ANDROID.
When Samsung saw the Smartphone, they knew they were in trouble. The Smartphone was capable of disrupting them, so they simply partnered with Android (Google) and started working on their own version.
When Nokia heard about the iPhone, guess what they did ?... NOTHING!.
They probably didn't see the Smartphone as much of a threat, so they so they kept on developing their Symbian.
Microsoft came in with the "Windows phone", but it was already too late, so it failed.
The release of the Smartphone, changed the face of Mobile Phones.
Blackberry and Nokia were simply kicked out of the Market, despite being Market leaders.
This was simply because they were too proud and slow to react to CHANGE.
Consumers don't care about anything, except a BETTER EXPERIENCE.
The Smartphone provided better experience, soon, all keyboard Phones were dumped, and the Smartphone was adopted.
By 2015, Both Blackberry and Nokia were Bankrupt, the iPhone was the bestselling Smartphone.
ANDROID (Google) was the Biggest OS for Smartphones.
Disrupt yourself, or you'll be Disrupted. (Nikki Verd).
If you don't react quick enough to change, you'll become Obsolete.
SAMSUNG and ANDROID (Google) were rewarded greatly for their fast thinking.
So if you use a smartphone, you really need to thank STEVE JOBS.
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