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Motorcycle crashes into fire hydrant, leading to chain-reaction water main break in Castle Shannon

Valentine onyebuchi chikadibia

Jan. 20, 2020

'It looks like Niagara Falls,' an area resident said.
A chain reaction water main break stopped water services for 60 Penn American Water Customers on Monday.
A company spokesperson said a motorcyclist hit a fire hydrant, and when Penn American crews went to shut the water off it caused a chain reaction that led to a water main break on Bockstoce Avenue and on Mt. Lebanon Boulevard at the Lebanon Shops.
Castle Shannon police said water at those businesses was turned off.
"It looks like Niagara Falls," said area resident Ervin Sniegocki.
Sniegocki's house sits parallel to where the water was flowing. It flowed along his house, trickling near the tracks by the Castle Shannon Park and Ride on Mt. Lebanon Boulevard.
"We checked around the house to see if water was running, if it was inside the house," said Sniegocki. "I couldn't see anything inside the house, so I check outside the front window, and I see water coming off the hillside."
Water was expected to be restored by early Monday evening.
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