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Who Is Kelsey Weier From Peter Weber's 'The Bachelor' Season? What To Know About The Former Miss Iowa


Jan. 21, 2020

Kelsey Weier made a name for herself on Peter Weber's Bachelor season after she and Hannah Ann Sluss clashed over #champagnegate. Kelsey is a former Miss Iowa and currently works for Tom James, the bespoke clothing company. She became an instant meme after splashing champagne all over herself, but Kelsey's laughing about it now.
Kelsey Weier may have given Bachelor fans the best moment in franchise history last Monday when the the 28-year-old from Des Moines caused a whole lot of ruckus over a bottle of champagne.
The drama, which has been dubbed #champagnegate by viewers, started during the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party when another contestant, Hannah Ann Sluss , drank a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne that Kelsey had specifically brought on the show to share with Bachelor Peter Weber and ended in a moment that's sure to become an #iconic gif in reality television history.
Kelsey appears to be taking it all in strideand proving there's much more to her than shot of a lot of bubbles going up her nose ( seriously, if you haven't seen this, please Google it now ). In an Instagram she posted after the episode aired, she had this to say: "Note to future self: Never drink cheap champagne straight from the bottle#champagnegate #cryingiscool."
But regardless of the episode's drama, there are plenty of rumors that Kelsey makes it pretty far this season. Here's everything you need to know about Bachelor contestant Kelsey Weier (but proceed with caution: spoilers ahead).
Kelsey was born and raised in Iowa and still lives in Des Moines.
A Hawkeye through and through, Kelsey grew up in Iowa with her fraternal twin sister and a younger sister, per ABC . Her official Bachelor bio also says she's like an onion and "has many layers" and that if you're going to get her a gift, always choose to get her chocolate over flowers, which, respect.
Kelsey's ABC bio lists her as a "professional clothier."
Not the vaguest Bachelor occupation to come across fans' screens (remember "Tickle Monster" Jonathan Treece? ), but Kelsey's career had enough people scratching their heads that the internet investigatedand found her LinkedIn . According to the career site, she works for Tom James, the bespoke clothing company, and has since 2017.
She's also a beauty pageant champion.
Kelsey was crowned Miss Iowa USA in her home state in 2017. Instagram photos on the Miss Iowa account from 2017 show Kelsey attending a University of Iowa football game, volunteering at local charities, and, maybe most importantly, voting.
She then went on to compete in the Miss USA pageant, where she was eliminated before the top 10, according to MissUniverse.com .
**Don't read any further if you don't want to be spoiled.**
Kelsey will make it to the hometown dates.
Bachelor spoilers king Reality Steve lists Kelsey as one of the four women who will take Peter home to meet their families. The two were in Des Moines last November to film the last of Pilot Pete's hometown dates.
There, he met Kelsey's sisters and her mom and stepdad. Unfortunately (or fortunatelydepending on your perspective after #champagnegate), that's where Kelsey's journey with Peter ended. At the next rose ceremony, she was eliminated from the show.
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