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Ex-Leeds defender Raul Bravo rubbishes claims he ordered murder of former team-mate Darko Kovacevic

Majok Akuecbeny Majok

Jan. 22, 2020

Raul Bravo has strenuously denied he was behind the attempted shooting of former Olympiakos teammate Darko Kovacevic in Athens.
Kovacevic, the ex-Serbia international, escaped with minor injuries earlier this month after being attacked by two men as he went to park his car.
He was taken to hospital after the incident as he hurt his wrists and knees while diving to the ground to avoid gunfire.
And reports now claim former Real Madrid defender Bravo, who played with Kovacevic in Greece between 2007 and 2009, orchestrated the attack.
Bravo was arrested last year as part of a large-scale operation into match-fixing and corruption in sport, with La Gazzatta dello Sport suggesting there could be a connection with the attempted murder of Kovacevic.
Bravo, however, laughed off the allegations in an interview with Radio Marca’s ‘A Diario’.
He said: “A magazine in Serbia reported it and I was stunned that it said I ordered the murder of [Darko] Kovacevic.
“The only thing that matters [to them] is selling [magazines], and saying I wanted to kill Darko sells more. It’s a crazy story, it’s nonsense.
“I will say it again, the relationship is great.
“It [the report] is something that has neither legs nor a head. It is a complete invention, madness.
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“He hasn’t gotten into any trouble and he doesn’t know why this has happened. He has earned a lot of money from football… I’ve told him to stay calm.”
Both Bravo and Kovacevic, 38 and 46 respectively, had short spells in England during their playing careers.
Former Spain international Bravo had a brief spell with Leeds in 2003, while Kovacevic played for Sheffield Wednesday in 1996.
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