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The killing field: Antelope is brought down and killed by cheetah after being stalked through long grass in Kenya


Jan. 23, 2020

Remarkable photographs capture the dramatic moment a cheetah grabs a huge antelope and wrestles it to the ground before devouring it alongside its pack.
A photographic tour group spotted five cheetahs from three different families on the banks of the Talek river in Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, last week.
The group, led by Canadian photographer Jeffery Wu, followed the predators and waited patiently for six hours before the Cheetahs targeted an unlucky trio of antelope - known as topis - that had come to rest in the grass.
After stealthily approaching their prey the leader of the pack launched its attack, bringing down one of the topis in less than three seconds in an acrobatic fashion.
Barely a second later the rest of the cheetahs join the leader and overwhelm the prey. Mr Wu said it is 'very rare' to see a single cheetah hunt an adult topi because they can be too large for the predator.
He added: 'It is strong and fast with great stamina and very sharp horns. It is very easy for a cheetah to get injured during the fight.
'But for five cheetahs, hunting larger prey like topi and wildebeest is their usual routine because only larger sized mammals can satisfy that many appetites.'
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