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VIRAL: Hilarious Photos Of How Couple Sleep Because Of Coronavirus


March. 24, 2020

Coronavirus pandemic is a world-shattering event whose far-ranging consequences has led to the loss of several lives and with thousands of people across the globe infected with the deadly virus.
Countries have devised measures to help curb the pandemic and there has been education on several media platforms on how to prevent it.
Nose masks and gloves are some of the protective gears used to prevent one from contracting the viru
Well, amid the outbreak of Coronavirus, a video has emerged on social media which captures a couple sleeping in an awkward way probably to avoid the spread of the virus amongst themselves.
In the video the two middle-aged couple were spotted sleeping on the same bed while they used a long red pillow as a barrier to separate them in order to avoid contact between them.
The video has amazed internet users as they shared their varied opinions.
While a section of social media users believe the measure taken by the couple is unnecessary, some believe it is needed to safeguard themselves from contracting the coronavirus presuming one of them has contracted the virus.
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