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18- year-old Nigerian boy killed Twins for Rituals; Says he wants to be the Youngest Billionaire


March. 29, 2020

Kelvin Uzor 18year old has been arrested by the Nigerian police for allegedly killing his brother's seven years old twins boy for money rituals in Ogbele, Delta State.
The police accused Uzor of killing the seven-year-old boy and removing their P*nis, hands eyes and tongue and took it to a native doctor in Anambra.
However Uzor denies the allegation, insisting it was his friend Onuwa Olisah that killed them. Fortunately, Olisha's younger brother has confessed to seeing his brother with a machete having blood-stained.
Uzor claimed to have back out from the evil plan at the last minute and claimed his only offense he committed is partaking in the meeting on how to get rich quick- quick.
He said" My plan was to make big money, drive big cars and build houses. I wanted to becomes the youngest chief.
Uzor claimed to be a farmer, but he is not making good money from farming. So he was convinced by friends that the quickest way to get money is through money rituals according to him. Uzor said he loves those twins but did not know his friend will go and use the twins for money ritual and now his friend has absconded
He claimed many of his friends got rich quickly through this means.
What a fearful world we live!
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