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Just In: Oyo State Governor Seyi Makinde Test Positive For Coronavirus

Comrade Yemi ENITAN

March. 30, 2020

The deadly pandemic that has forced many Nations to lock down is still growing strong, even with all the hardwork and sleepless night that the medical personnel worldwide have put into the effort to stop the pandemic from spreading, it's still growing strong.
Justin few minutes ago, the Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde announced via his Twitter handle that his test result for the COVID-19 has arrived and it's positive. The Oyo State Governor joins the high profile Nigerian leaders to have tested positive for the pandemic, we wish them all well.
Nigerians quickly started sending their prayers and message of support, he said he has designated the Chief Medical Director of University College, Ibadan as the head of COVID-19 task force while he recovers.
Nigerians however have been sending words of support to the widely loved governor (governor of the people)
We wish our beloved Governor well and pray he recovers on time
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